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Information about San Jose Fire Safety at Construction Sites

Far too often do we read about the tragedies of buildings or homes catching fire in the Bay Area, burned with little left to salvage. However, how often do we hear of fires that happen before a building or home is even built?

Few people consider the hazards that a fire can bring to a building before construction is finalized, and the dangers of fires at construction sites are rarely noted. A fire is just as dangerous to an unfinished project as it is to a finished one. Not only do fires leave the building and structure compromised, a fire can burn through money, progress, hard work, and time. Fortunately, a fire can be just as easily prevented as it can be started.

Just as we all learned as children, a fire can be prevented by simply being careful and taking common precautions, such as not leaving on a welding torch when it isn’t being used or not smoking around the site. Since not all workers or individuals passing the site will obey these simple rules, the easiest way to make sure these rules are established and carried out is by hiring and assigning a team of security guards to the site. They will be able to prevent any of these mistakes before the happen. Click here to learn more about securing your construction site with corporate security in the Bay Area.

By educating workers and those visiting the site, taking the proper safety precautions and hiring a guard to patrol your construction site, you are doing your due diligence, as well as everything in your power, to ensure that your project is safe from fires and is completed along the outlined time frame.

If you are interested in learning more about unarmed security guards in the Bay Area for your construction site, don’t hesitate to reach out to ADS Guards. We are a premier security guard company that has been serving Oakland, Hayward, San Francisco, San Jose and surrounding cities for over a decade. Request free information or a price quote today by calling us at 1-800-794-1550.