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5 Weapons Armed Security Guards Commonly Use

As businesses in San Jose become more concerned about modern risks and the need for comprehensive security measures, owners and executives may choose to assign armed guards as part of their security plan. This choice is often made when security directors believe difficult situations may arise in the workplace. In San Jose, armed security guards are a strong deterrent against professional thieves who would not risk getting shot, as well as criminals who plan on getting violent. Here are five common types of weapons security guards carry these days.

1. Semiautomatic Pistol

Semiautomatic pistols are the standard side arm of police officers, soldiers, and armed guards around the world. They are compact, accurate, and easy to carry. Moreover, their safety and firing mechanisms give guards time to thoroughly think about their actions. The amount of ammunition that can be loaded into pistols, coupled with their fast rate of fire, make them ideal for just about any environment. Some of the pistol manufacturers the top security companies in San Jose prefer include Beretta, Colt, Glock, and Ruger.

2. Revolver

This type of handgun works with a single or double action mechanism that activates a firing hammer against a rotating cylinder. Revolvers have a much shorter range than pistols, but the simplicity of their mechanism and their versatility makes them ideal to use in confined spaces and during situations that require extremely fast reactions. The durability and reliability of revolvers cannot be ignored. Malfunctions are extremely rare, and they require far less maintenance than semiautomatic pistols.

3. Shotgun

It is rare to see armed guards carrying shotguns. They are mostly kept unloaded inside armored trucks. Shotguns are used in dangerous situations when criminals seek to overpower others with extreme violence. They are high-caliber weapons that require special training and certification, and they are not practical to carry when conducting foot patrols.

4. Expandable Baton

Security guards are trained to use weapons other than firearms, such is the case with batons, which can be considered alternatives to firearms but should not be treated as completely non-lethal. Expandable batons are easy to carry and quick to deploy. Guards are trained to use them for the purpose of debilitating attackers and forcing them to think twice about carrying out further actions. Training is essential since an incorrect strike with a baton could end up being deadly.

5. Mace or Pepper Spray

These non-lethal weapons of chemical or organic composition can be carried along with firearms or batons to give security guards a range of options in terms of defensive actions. Mace is essentially an aerosol version of phenacyl chloride, a substance also known as tear gas. Pepper spray is made from capsicum, the irritant found in the world’s hottest peppers. These spray weapons are also used in riotous situations when crowd control measures are necessary.

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