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How to Avoid Poor Security Guard Companies

When we hire San Jose security guards to protect our businesses, we expect those guards to give their best performance and prove to be trustworthy people. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. That’s not to say the security guards aren’t good people, usually it indicates faults in the security company that hired and trained them. Here is our list of five tips that will help you avoid poor security guards and security guard companies.

 1. Verify Training

You would not let a surgeon take a blade to you without knowing they have extensive medical training. The same should go for your security guards. Make sure the security training the company claims to provide is actually provided to guards prior to being assigned a job.

2. Communicate

Talk to your security guard company prior to hiring. Tell them exactly what you want and expect from the security guard. Make sure the guards the company employs are capable of handling the tasks, duties, and job as you require them to be done. Good communication is the key to all successes in life and business.

3. Test Memory

Any security guard that was properly trained as the company claims should be able to easily recall and describe how a person looked. Show prospective guards photos of people for five seconds. Pull it away and ask for a complete description.

4. Listen Closely

In a security emergency, there may not be a lot of time to slowly contemplate all options. Listen to the way a person talks during the interview process. Namely, watch for pauses and incorrect words used. This can also complicate communication.

5. Test Verbal Conflict Resolution

The first step to solving any crisis is verbal conflict resolution. An ideal security guard will be able to be patient, speak calmly, listen well, and address the problem in a professional way. Pretend to be an upset customer and see how they would handle the situation.

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