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How to Create a Better Working Environment for Security Guards

Stressful working conditions can lead to high turnover rates for security guard positions, but there are ways to create better working environments for these important employees. The staff at ADS Guards has a few suggestions to help keep professional guards happy and performing their jobs properly.

Provide More Extensive Training

It is difficult for security guards to do their jobs effectively if they don’t have the proper training to handle a multitude of dangerous situations. Offering various types of extra training classes can help keep them safer, and it can also increase their job satisfaction because they are constantly learning new skills they can apply directly to their work. Offer the classes at varying times so each shift can participate.

Keep Schedules Consistent

Keeping a security guard’s schedule consistent provides multiple benefits. Guards can better coordinate the job duties that need to be completed each day, which prevents confusion regarding who is supposed to do each task and when. The workload is more evenly divided because each guard has set hours, and it is easier to see which employees are always on time and doing their best work.

Supply High-Quality Equipment

Providing San Jose security guards with the equipment they need helps them do their jobs more easily and effectively. For instance, if the radios they use only give off static, they might not be able to relay important messages or call for backup in times of distress. Flashlights and other commonly used equipment should be checked on a regular basis and replaced if needed.

Offer Pay Raises

Security guards risk their lives every day, and the pay they receive should reflect this dedication. Regular raises reduce the likelihood of security guards feeling unappreciated and quitting. If security guard companies in San Jose are short staffed, they may be stretched too thin to properly guard each location.

When security guards have good working environments, they are more likely to perform their jobs at a higher level of quality. For additional tips to provide better working conditions for security guards, get in touch with ADS Guards. We provide security guard patrol services San Jose businesses and residents trust, and we also offer security for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our trusted representatives and receive a free quote.