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4 Best Security Cameras for Your Home

There are many reasons to install security cameras in or around your home, but how do you know which monitors will suit your needs? Here are the four best surveillance cameras recommended by the San Jose security company ADS Guards.

1. Lorex LW Series- Entry Security Camera

If your greatest security concern is your front door, the Lorex LW series is an excellent choice. This camera includes a 7-inch LED monitor with a card slot and up to four 720p HD cameras. Each camera has night vision capability of up to 45 feet with a signal that covers up to 450 feet outdoors. The Lorex LW series has one of the best image qualities as this price point.

2. Dropcam Pro -Indoor Video Monitoring

The Dropcam Pro is one of the most versatile security cameras on the market. This cloud-based Wi-Fi camera lets you remotely view your home no matter where you are. In addition to checking on pets or kids, the system allows you to remotelytake control andscan your home while you’re gone. It includes audio and motion detection with the option to receive alerts if it detects sound or movement while you’re away from home. The Dropcam Pro requires a subscription and includes a two-way talk feature.

3. Sharx SCN3905 -Outdoor Wireless Monitoring

Monitor your home’s entryways and backyard with this wireless, weatherproof camera. Sharx includes a 8GB SD card to record up to four days of footage in addition to 40-foot infrared night vision. It features motion detection to start recording as soon as anything within range moves. This type of camera is perfect for monitoring your front and back door, side windows, and backyard.

4. Q-See 8 Channel Security System- All-In-One Surveillance System

If you plan to monitor several areas of your home at once, a multi-channel camera package may be your best option. The Q-See surveillance system includes eight high-resolution cameras, a 1TB hard drive, and eight different video feeds which can be viewed online or with a smartphone app. Each camera in this system has 36 infrared LEDs with 100-foot night vision. You can set it up to record continuously, on a schedule, or when motion is detected. It also operates both indoors and outdoors for total home protection.

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