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4 Reasons All Restaurants Should Hire Security Guards

Restaurants are meant to be pleasant places where customers can enjoy a tasty meal. However, like other businesses, these establishments are still vulnerable to criminal activity. If you’re a restaurant owner and are concerned about the safety of your customers, staff, and reputation, hiring a professional security guard may be the solution you’re looking for. The staff at ADS Guards discusses 4 reasons your restaurant should have a security guard.

1. Prevent Armed Robberies

Restaurants can do a large volume of business on a busy night, and it isn’t uncommon for bills and tips to be paid in cash. Having cash on hand makes your business a target for armed robberies. You need only turn to the news to see reports from all over the country about restaurants being robbed. Armed security guards in San Jose can be a huge deterrent to this type of violent theft, protecting your assets as a result.

2. Protect Your Business’s Reputation

Your menu is not the only reason customers frequent your restaurant. They also keep returning because of your reputation. Any negative reviews of your business can have a major impact on your bottom line. In addition to serving excellent food, you need to provide safety and security to your customers and employees. Stories about frightening situations can quickly destroy your business. Professional security guards can make your customers feel more comfortable and secure when eating in your establishment.

3. Deter Violence

Violence has become a common concern for some restaurants. Arguments, fights, and shootings are happening at a disturbing rate, even in seemingly safe places like family restaurants. Professional guards can intervene before a situation gets out of hand, reducing the risks to other diners, your staff, and your business.

4. Discourage Unsavory Activities

A San Jose security guard can help stop unpleasant activities and remove unwanted individuals from the premises. If your restaurant faces issues with loud, belligerent guests, loiterers, solicitors, or customers trying to skip out on their checks, professional security guards can help. Guards can keep shady individuals out of your dining area and away from your front door, leaving more room for the customers who deserve to be there.

To learn about additional ways professional guards can keep your restaurant safe, get in touch with ADS Guards today. We are a trusted provider of commercial security guard services in San Jose, and we also provide highly trained guards for residential properties and special events. For more information, call 1-800-794-1550 and one of our friendly representatives would be happy to give you a free quote.