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Why Are Security Guards Beneficial for a Gated Community?

Though gated communities tend to be more secure than those where anyone can move freely, residents may start to let their guards down and believe they are safe at all times. Even with a gate blocking most access to a community, there are still ways criminals can find their way inside, which means there are a few advantages to having San Jose security guards on the premises.

Catch Intruders and Keep Residents Safe

Just because a community is gated doesn’t mean someone can’t get in. If there are security guards onsite, they can quickly track down the people trying to cause trouble and hold them until additional help arrives from the police department. Guards can also help residents who need assistance if there is trouble with another resident or in the event of a health-related emergency.

Monitor Visitors and Alert When Guests Arrive

A security guard can monitor the visitors who enter the gated community. The guard can take note of any suspicious people who tend to visit on a regular basis but don’t live on the premises. If there are any concerns, the guard can make a report to the property owner to see the issues need to be further addressed.

If there is a guest who arrives to visit a resident, a guard can let the resident know before opening the gate. If the resident doesn’t know the guest, the guard can forbid him or her from entering the property. This can help increase safety for all the residents who live in the community. The guard can write down the name of the person who is trying to get through as well as a description of the vehicle in case the person tries to get through again without approval.

Let Residents in When the Gate Doesn’t Work

Gates for these communities are often operated electronically. There can be issues with gates just as there can be with other electronic components. If a malfunction occurs, having San Jose residential security present ensures the residents won’t have to wait for someone to let them through the gate before the issue is fixed.

To learn more about how gated communities can benefit from having trained security onsite, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of armed and unarmed security guards in San Jose and have been serving the area for almost 20 years. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.