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5 Ways Security Guards Can Protect Your Business During Off Hours

Police departments in San Jose are concerned about a rash of after-hours burglaries that have unfolded in recent months. In November 2016, business owners in San Jose were targeted by a serial burglar whose modus operandi involved smashing glass doors with a rock and grabbing tip jars and cash registers from unguarded cafes. A few months later, the Santa Clara County District Attorney announced her office was working with police departments to break up burglary crews operating at night.

These situations underscore the importance of hiring San Jose commercial security guards for your business not just during the usual hours of operation. Here are five ways your company’s bottom line can be protected after hours.

1. Prevent Vandalism

If you manage an office center that leases space to political parties, law firms dedicated to lobbying, or other potentially controversial organizations, one of your concerns should be angry activists who believe vandalism and destruction of property are effective ways to get their message across. These activists do not want to be caught in the act. For this reason, you may want to provide after-hours security guards to put your tenants at ease.

2. Deter Brazen Burglars

Video surveillance and modern security systems are no match for the criminal minds of motivated burglars. Brazen thieves see opportunity when they notice unguarded premises in the dark. However, if they see a security guard they are less likely to take their chances.

3. Watch for Professional Criminal Crews

Cat burglars and organized thieves tend to be very smart about the way they operate. Unlike brazen burglars, they will not act on impulse. Instead, their focus is on planning so they can commit crimes undetected. Disabling alarms, cloaking cameras, and timing the arrival of law enforcement are just a few of their tactics. Nonetheless, they tend to call off their actions the moment they spot security personnel.

4. Thwart Criminal Surveillance

Shopping centers that send their security guards home for the night are often targeted by criminals who “case the joint” from the parking lot. A nighttime roving guard on patrol can prevent criminal surveillance from taking place. Moreover, the guard’s observations can be communicated to local law enforcement agencies to help their investigative efforts.

5. Lower Insurance Premiums

Hiring a San Jose security guard to work after hours can effectively lower a business’s liability insurance premiums, particularly if they are already high due to being in a high-risk area. For example, hiring nighttime security for an apartment building may do more than just lower insurance premiums. It may also raise the profile of the landlord’s property and attract tenants who are willing to pay higher rent.

If you’re seeking highly trained commercial security guards to watch over your business day and night, reach out to ADS Guards, one of the most trusted and reliable security companies in San Jose, California. We also offer professional guards for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly agents and receive a free quote.