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6 Benefits of Hiring Security for a Private Business Party

As we progress through the third and final corporate quarters of the year, companies in San Jose are starting to look forward to the end of the fiscal year as well as the holiday season and all the parties it entails. Social gatherings, VIP meetings, holiday parties, and other recreational events are great for boosting staff morale and strengthening business partnerships. However, these events may also present considerable liability situations for employers and business owners.

Employment practice attorneys and insurance agents often make two recommendations to business owners and managers before they organize parties. The first recommendation is to review their existing insurance coverage. The second is to retain the services of a private security firm. Here are six reasons hiring party security in San Jose for private business parties makes perfect sense.

1. Provide Crowd Control

Manufacturing firms, call centers, and other companies that employ hundreds or thousands of workers should not have to organize multiple parties for breaking up their workforce and keeping things under control. Even simple tasks such as monitoring the guest list and granting admission can get complicated when hundreds of employees and their relatives converge in one place. A security firm can come up with a plan to manage a large event so managers and supervisors can relax and enjoy the party.

2. Augment Insurance Coverage

Depending on the type of agreement to provide services extended by the security firm, the client may be included as an insured in the firm’s liability policy. By doing so, the company organizing the party will get additional and valuable peace of mind.

3. Make a Good Impression

Staff members and business partners invited to the party will be happy to see the presence of uniformed San Jose armed security guards at the event. Employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness of their bosses, and clients and corporate partners will think they are doing business with a company that likes to cover all angles and operates carefully.

4. Respond to Incidents

Business owners and managers may think they have everything covered until something goes wrong at a party. Physical confrontations, unruly guests, and medical emergencies are situations that require special handling in terms of prevention, response, evidence collection, and liaising with law enforcement.

5. Protect the Venue

If the party venue is a rental, there may be certain safety requirements stipulated by the short-term lease agreement. A San Jose security guard can be tasked with making sure to cover these protective requirements so the rental agreement is not compromised and the deposit can be returned in full.

6. Prevent Alcohol-Related Incidents

Companies that have difficulty with the decision of serving alcoholic beverages at their events should be able to rest easier with the stabilizing presence of security guards. Although serving liquor is something that can be covered by including certain provisions in the commercial liability policy, insurance companies may offer a substantial discount on this add-on when companies hire security guards. Another advantage is that party guests tend to be on their best behavior when they see uniformed security personnel at the event.

Whether you need armed or unarmed guards for a private event or security patrol for your commercial property, ADS Guards is your top choice in San Jose. We also provide professional guards for residential properties. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.