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Reliable Armed and Unarmed Security Guards San Jose

At ADS, we understand that different businesses and events call for different security measures. To ensure that we meet the individual needs of our clients, we offer both armed and unarmed security guards in San Jose. All of our private-hire guards are licensed, bonded and insured, and we require our armed security officers to undergo additional firearms training to maximize overall safety and security.

Benefits of an Unarmed Guard

In low crime and low threat areas, the presence of a uniformed security guard is generally enough to prevent criminal activity. An unarmed guard can display a friendly and professional demeanor while enhancing reputation and providing protection at establishments such as:

  • Businesses and corporations
  • Apartment complexes and low-crime residential communities
  • Retail centers and commercial properties
  • Casual parties, weddings and corporate events
  • Private and public events

Benefits of an Armed Guard

An armed guard is able to maintain a high visibility presence in order to deter illegal and inappropriate actions and will also serve as an authoritative figure in high-threat situations. If your business is in a high crime area, a San Jose security guard can play a pivotal role in protecting your assets, especially at night when costly and dangerous criminal activity is most likely to occur. Consider hiring a San Jose armed guard for:

  • Businesses and Corporations in high crime neighborhoods
  • High threat and sensitive VIP events
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Night patrol at construction sites or parking garages

Affordable 24/7 Security & Patrol in San Jose

Our experienced San Jose guards are fully trained, competent in their duties, and well versed in various business procedures and event insurance compliance. Furthermore, all of our guards are licensed, bonded, insured and knowledgeable in how to write thorough reports. Both security guards and managers at ADS are available 24/7 to keep your business safe while providing you with peace of mind.

For a free quote over the phone or to see whether an armed or unarmed guard is best suited for your needs, call ADS Guards in San Jose, CA today at 1-800-794-1550. You might be surprised to find out how affordable reliable security can be!