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3 Ways Security Companies Can Keep Tabs on Local Crime

For a San Jose security company to properly manage the risks to a building and the people in it, the company has to have a good understanding of what goes on not just in the building but also around it. A good way to keep the building and its people safe is to have a handle on the local crime risks.

1. Internal reports

A company won’t be able to do much with local crime knowledge without having a good handle on internal happenings. Security guard companies need to keep good records of incidents that people report from inside and around the building. The security company should keep a daily log of incidents that are reported, such as vandalism, suspicious persons and other incidents, even if they don’t rise to the level of informing the police. Not only will this help security guards see how outside crime might be affecting internal crime, but it could be helpful should the police seek more information on an external crime.

2. Police reports

Another way for a security company to understand local crime is to keep track of police reports of reported crime in the area. How this is reported and what is available to the public can vary by jurisdiction. Some police departments may make such information available on their websites in various formats. For example, a police department may map out crime reports so that a trained security guard could type in his building’s address and see all crime reports in a certain radius over a certain period of time. If the local police department isn’t that sophisticated or forthcoming, the security company can request crime and incident reports for a certain area over a certain period of time. Some cities also have independent sites that map crime and post regular updates.

3. Talk to neighbors

A great way to stay current on local crime is to talk to neighboring facilities. This will allow the security guard company to be aware of incidents that may not have been reported to police. It will also help facilitate a type of neighborhood watch among local businesses who can watch out for suspicious activity or crimes happening at a business that operates at different hours than their own. To learn more about security guard services in San Jose, give ADS Guards a call at 1-800-794-1550. We are the area’s leading provider of security guards and can provide short-term or long-term services for a variety of locations and events. Call today to speak with a security specialist!