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5 Common Reasons for Performing Citizen’s Arrests

According to the Los Angeles Times and California Penal Code Section 837 concerning the act of a citizen’s arrest, if you see any kind of a crime, you can stop it. Of course, it may not always be the safest decision, which is why private security agencies in San Jose are valued. They are trained to respond to the commission of a crime better than most people. Here are some of the crimes people have prevented or ensured justice for because they exercised their California legal rights to perform a citizen’s arrest.

1. Drunk Driving

States have different standards when it comes to their definition of drunk driving. Generally, most state DUI laws involve the driver being clearly intoxicated or incapable of driving due to another substance and being in the driver’s seat with keys in the ignition or going in. This is one of the safest conditions of a citizen’s arrest. Also, it has the potential to save lives.

2. Trespassing

If you see someone lurking on a neighbor’s property, preparing to break in or in the act of breaking in, you have the right to make a citizen’s arrest. If you can make certain the perpetrator is not carrying a weapon, you have the potential to stop a burglary from happening by detaining him or her and waiting for law enforcement to arrive. However, because potential burglars sometimes conceal weapons, it would be safer if a trained San Jose armed guard on patrol witnessed the crime and detained the trespasser or potential burglar.

3. Shoplifting

Shoplifting is one of the most common misdemeanors where fellow shoppers, store owners, and trained security guards hired by the store interject themselves in the name of justice and detain the shoplifter until the police arrive. Whether this is allowed or not depends on the type of business, and the only way to know for sure if it is allowed is to be familiar with the state laws. It would be more appropriate to inform an employee or a professional security guard because they would be more likely to know if a citizen’s arrest could be made in the type of establishment. Also, you or whoever makes the citizen’s arrest, even if it is a trained security guard, needs to make sure the person is, in fact, stealing.

4. Breach of Peace

Usually, a citizen’s arrest cannot be made for minor violations like traffic stops, parking violations, or crimes that would only result in a ticket for a small fine. However, disturbing the peace may be an exception, as it is a crime that acts as an umbrella for people engaging in one or more disorderly conduct violations. Types of peace disturbance include:

  • Making or causing excessively loud noise
  • Shouting or yelling for an excessive period
  • Fighting in public, or threatening to cause or engage in a fight in public

5. Any Felony

If you witness a felony, you have every right to step in, make a citizen’s arrest, and detain the suspect until the police arrive. It goes without saying that extreme caution should be exercised here, especially depending on the type of felony. It would probably be better to let someone such as a skilled security guard handle the situation or simply wait for the police. Here are some of the felonies a citizen can detain a suspect for:

  • Rape
  • Attempted murder
  • Vandalism of federal property
  • Aggravated assault
  • Arson

If you’re looking for patrol security in San Jose for a residential or commercial property, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been a leading provider of professional security services for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

6 Reasons to Hire Professional Security for a College Campus

In the wake of the terrible events that transpired at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, the vital issue of college security has captured national attention. A few days after the UVA incident the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill went on alert as rumors spread across campus about a planned act of vandalism. In this case, UNC security officers quickly deployed metal barricades around the targeted monument and increased foot patrols to dissuade disorderly conduct.

This type of response is a good example of the modern day need for professional San Jose security guards on campus. Following are six reasons that further illustrate this need.

1. Address Medical Emergencies

Professional security guards are routinely trained in first aid and basic lifesaving procedures. Universities that operate medical programs within a hospital system have recognized the importance of training campus security officers as first responders who can assist with medical emergencies before paramedics arrive on scene. This is not simply a matter of liability. Trained security personnel can save lives on campus.

2. Prevent Sexual Assault Lawsuits

United Educators, a major insurance carrier that specializes in providing coverage to higher education institutions, recently published a report about how sexual assault lawsuits cost universities an average of $187,000 per instance. The cases that proved to be the costliest included claims of inadequate security response to the incident.

3. Enforce Policies

American colleges that have implemented zero tolerance policies toward drugs and liquor on campus rely on security guards to actively enforce them. At a time when designer drugs and other substances such as marijuana wax are being surreptitiously introduced on campus, detection and enforcement are paramount.

4. Prepare for and Respond to Natural Disaster Emergencies

Professional security guards serve many functions other than checking backpacks and patrolling parking lots. They can be trained to prepare for emergencies and to respond adequately when disasters strike. In the wake of an earthquake, for example, security officers can direct students and faculty so they safely evacuate buildings. They can also restrict access to damaged areas and set up a first-aid station in case of injuries.

5. Mitigate Political Animosity

Public universities are considered bastions of free speech in the United States, but the violent protests of 2017 at UC Berkeley and UVA are signs of change in the American political discourse. School administrators must realize that once protesters have assembled on campus, the institution assumes a great degree of responsibility over the safety of participants. For private universities where police officers do not normally enter, the need for professional security staff is more pronounced.

6. Reassure Safety

According to a 2017 email survey conducted by ADT, young Americans are experiencing feelings of anxiety and apprehension due to fears related to general safety. Out of 1,000 respondents, 76 percent expressed they actively avoid crowded spaces and traveling alone. Such fears can be assuaged by the presence of uniformed security patrol in San Jose.

Whether security is needed for a college campus or a residential neighborhood, San Jose residents can rely on ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security services. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

How to Discourage Trespassers from Entering Your Property

A few neighborhoods in San Jose are inviting for homeowners who want to install lifestyle comforts such as swimming pools, work sheds, playgrounds, vegetable gardens, cabins, and treehouses. The only problem with these extant structures is that they often attract the attention of trespassers and other curious individuals. This is a problem also experienced by local business owners and those who own land located near nature preserves.

Whether you are concerned about privacy, safety, or liability, you should discourage trespassing as much as possible. Instead of having to deal with trespassers, look for ways to deter them. Here are a few ideas, brought to you by the staff at ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security guard services.

Post Effective Warning Signs

Many trespassers will not realize they have entered private property unless you let them know. If you want to help them find their way, post a sign reminding them of section 602.8 of the California Penal Code, which makes trespassing a punishable offense, particularly if the offenders happen to be neighbors who disregard the signs. You may want to check with a surveyor before posting signs. If you happen to post a warning on land that is not yours, you may face a legal complaint.

Install Motion Detectors That Trigger Lights

Trespassers who breach your property under the cover of darkness could be dangerous. In some communities, neighbors believe street lighting can be as effective as a police booth in terms of discouraging illegal activity. Installing a fixed floodlight that stays on all night is a good deterrent, but it could result in higher electricity bills. A motion sensor that triggers a floodlight will not consume as much energy and will also have an additional element of surprise.

Hire Professional Security Guards

Hiring San Jose security guards is one of the most effective methods to dissuade trespassers because it sends a clear message about the boundaries of private property. Guards can either be posted or assigned to security patrols. Their presence may discourage malicious trespassers and bring reassurance to individuals who may not have realized they breached your property.

Mark the Boundaries

Marking the boundaries of your property may keep out most accidental trespassers. You can either hire a fencing contractor or think about placing natural obstacles such as large rocks and blackberry bushes that grow very prickly. A long-term idea would be to train dogs so they become familiar with the terrain and boundaries, but they may have to start their training as puppies. Finally, you should also reach out to your neighbors and formulate ideas to keep strangers out.

If you need help securing your property and preventing trespassers from entering, reach out to ADS Guards. We are one of the top armed security guard companies in San Jose, and we also offer unarmed guards to protect your property. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our representatives.

6 Benefits of Hiring Security for a Private Business Party

As we progress through the third and final corporate quarters of the year, companies in San Jose are starting to look forward to the end of the fiscal year as well as the holiday season and all the parties it entails. Social gatherings, VIP meetings, holiday parties, and other recreational events are great for boosting staff morale and strengthening business partnerships. However, these events may also present considerable liability situations for employers and business owners.

Employment practice attorneys and insurance agents often make two recommendations to business owners and managers before they organize parties. The first recommendation is to review their existing insurance coverage. The second is to retain the services of a private security firm. Here are six reasons hiring party security in San Jose for private business parties makes perfect sense.

1. Provide Crowd Control

Manufacturing firms, call centers, and other companies that employ hundreds or thousands of workers should not have to organize multiple parties for breaking up their workforce and keeping things under control. Even simple tasks such as monitoring the guest list and granting admission can get complicated when hundreds of employees and their relatives converge in one place. A security firm can come up with a plan to manage a large event so managers and supervisors can relax and enjoy the party.

2. Augment Insurance Coverage

Depending on the type of agreement to provide services extended by the security firm, the client may be included as an insured in the firm’s liability policy. By doing so, the company organizing the party will get additional and valuable peace of mind.

3. Make a Good Impression

Staff members and business partners invited to the party will be happy to see the presence of uniformed San Jose armed security guards at the event. Employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness of their bosses, and clients and corporate partners will think they are doing business with a company that likes to cover all angles and operates carefully.

4. Respond to Incidents

Business owners and managers may think they have everything covered until something goes wrong at a party. Physical confrontations, unruly guests, and medical emergencies are situations that require special handling in terms of prevention, response, evidence collection, and liaising with law enforcement.

5. Protect the Venue

If the party venue is a rental, there may be certain safety requirements stipulated by the short-term lease agreement. A San Jose security guard can be tasked with making sure to cover these protective requirements so the rental agreement is not compromised and the deposit can be returned in full.

6. Prevent Alcohol-Related Incidents

Companies that have difficulty with the decision of serving alcoholic beverages at their events should be able to rest easier with the stabilizing presence of security guards. Although serving liquor is something that can be covered by including certain provisions in the commercial liability policy, insurance companies may offer a substantial discount on this add-on when companies hire security guards. Another advantage is that party guests tend to be on their best behavior when they see uniformed security personnel at the event.

Whether you need armed or unarmed guards for a private event or security patrol for your commercial property, ADS Guards is your top choice in San Jose. We also provide professional guards for residential properties. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.


7 Common Security Breaches to Avoid

Over the last few years, news headlines about spectacular data breaches have been published with increasing frequency, and it almost seems as if news editors prefer to report on these types of cybercrime situations more than they pay attention to other security issues. This does not mean San Jose business owners are no longer exposed to common security breaches other than network intrusions. In fact, cybercrime is often facilitated by the following security issues.

1. Laptop Theft

There was a time when criminals were mostly interested in the black market value of stolen office equipment. Individuals acting as fences, meaning they deal in stolen property, often encourage thieves to study the parking lots of tech firms and look for drivers carrying laptops. This smash-and-grab opportunity may yield more than just stolen hardware. Laptops may also contain passwords and intellectual property. With security guards visibly checking parking lots, this situation can be averted.

2. Cash Deposits

Similar to the situation above, criminals may also learn about frequent trips to a local bank branch by an employee assigned to make cash deposits. This may incite a robbery situation unless an armed guard accompanies the employee.

3. Disgruntled Employees

A worker who has experienced conflict within the company can become a facilitator of a security breach. For example, a restaurant manager who feels he or she was passed over for promotion may choose to leave the doors wide open after completing a night shift. This can be prevented by having San Jose commercial security personnel handle closing procedures.

4. Insider Threats

Hacktivists and saboteurs are becoming very difficult for business owners to manage because they work in teams and are known to plant insiders. Business owners who believe an insider is operating in their company might be able to deter the threat by announcing a new security company will be hired to investigate and flush out a potential insider.

5. Recording Devices

Companies that deal with extremely sensitive information may have no choice but to implement a tight security program that requires employee monitoring and making sure all smartphones and devices that could be used for capturing information are stored in lockers outside of the office. Security personnel can enforce this company rule.

6. Unsecured Devices

Employees who take computing devices outside of the office must make sure they are secured and up to date with all the measures dictated by the company. IT security staff can ping devices that have not updated for some reason and ask security guards to intercept employees so their devices are collected for patching and updates.

7. Third-Party Service Providers

Hiring outside contractors can be a risky move for employers concerned about possible security breaches. If there is a security program in place that third-party service providers are supposed to follow, it is better to allow a San Jose security guard company to execute the program and explain it to the contractors.

If you own a company and are concerned about security breaches, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security services. We also offer armed and unarmed guards for residential spaces and special corporate events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to receive a free quote.

How Can You Tell If Your Business Needs Security Guard Patrol?

Protecting your business is a very serious consideration, and it is important to assess whether or not you need to hire an outside security firm. Many businesses offer a variety of security and monitoring packages that can be chosen to meet your company’s needs. It’s likely time hire professional guard patrol security in San Jose if any of the following scenarios apply to your business.

Difficulty Securing Access to Your Building

Your assets are important and deserve to be protected. If you have ever found a package courier wandering the halls, you may need help securing your access points. This may include providing intervention protocols that prevent individuals from entering locations where they do not belong.

Handling Sensitive or Classified Materials

Information and products need to be protected, whether it’s patient information, government files, or industry secrets. To remain competitive in the high-paced economy, many businesses have developed or been entrusted with secrets and information that needs to be protected at all costs.

Loss Due to Inside Sources

Sometimes the threat of loss doesn’t come from an outside source but from your own employees and contractors. If you have noticed an increase in expenses due to loss but haven’t seen any indication of outside theft, your employees and other trusted individuals could be stealing. A patrol guard can provide a deterrent to inside theft.

Increase in Local Criminal Activity

You are familiar with the area in which your business is located. An indication you may need security guards in San Jose, CA, is if you have noticed or been informed of a recent increase in the level of criminal activity in your neighborhood. It is important to remain vigilant and take notice of any recent vandalism or unusual groups of people loitering near your property.

Concern for the Safety of Your Employees

Many companies operate long hours that keep their employees on-site well into the night. A security patrol guard can help your employees feel safer when they are walking to or from their vehicles. It may also make them feel valued to know you are concerned about their safety.

High Insurance Liability

When you are running a business, you accept a significant liability just by maintaining a workforce and owning assets that multiple people can access. You can purchase comprehensive insurance to help mitigate the risk assumed by owning a business, but the premiums on insurance plans for businesses can be prohibitively expensive. Hiring a security patrol guard may yield an insurance discount that can lower the cost associated with contracting a security firm.

If you need commercial security in San Jose, reach out to ADS Guards. In addition to providing professional guards for business spaces, we are also a leading provider of residential security services. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and receive a free quote.

5 Tips for Protecting Yourself During an Active Shooter Scenario

The need to prepare for active shooter situations is an unfortunate reminder of the uncertain times we live in, and it is also one of many important duties of a security guard in San Jose. In Orlando, residents feared that a terrorist attack was being perpetrated in the early morning of June 5th, 2017, one year after the massacre that left dozens dead at a popular nightclub. The incident turned out to be a disgruntled employee who shot former coworkers before turning the gun on himself. At a time when the Department of Homeland Security is engaged in providing preparedness training for active shooter situations, business and nonprofit organizations should keep the following safety tips in mind.

1. Stay Aware

Dwelling on the possible causes and likelihood of active shooter situations is not conducive to an overall safety plan. It is more important to have awareness of what the situation entails. The patterns of active shooters are unpredictable. The only constants are the use of firearms and the preference to kill several individuals in a confined area. Environmental awareness is paramount in a business organization. Staff members should be able to quickly identify exits and building features that can conceal their presence and serve as barriers against incoming fire.

2. Rely on Trained Security Personnel

In May 2017, a man stormed into a convenience store in North Las Vegas and started shooting randomly. An armed security guard reacted by taking cover and neutralizing the suspect before any customers or employees were hit. Also in May, a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles was invaded by an armed suspect who pointed a weapon at an employee and threatened to fire before he was neutralized by a security guard. In these two cases, the active shooter situation was quickly defused by trained personnel and no one aside from the perpetrators was injured. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to hire armed guard private protection in San Jose.

3. Set Off Silent Alarms

Active shooter incidents are among the few emergency situations when 911 should not be the first step taken. Making a visible gesture of calling law enforcement could drive the shooter to become even more aggressive. To this effect, it is better to surreptitiously activate silent alarms with hidden buttons or by means of smartphones. The idea is to evacuate and seek cover before alerting law enforcement.

4. Hide and Avoid the Line of Fire

Distance should not be a consideration when choosing a hiding place. It is more important to consider whether the shooter can see you and if you are in the line of fire. If you happen to be out in the open, keep running rapidly and in random directions. If you find a room with a door, try to crawl in and lock the door before blocking it with furniture.

5. Wait for Law Enforcement

If you hear police officers arrive, keep in mind the shooter may fire at them, thereby prompting a barrage of gunfire. Should this happen, stay as close to the floor as possible and wait for instructions. Do not make sudden movements, and keep your hands visible.

An active shooter scenario can occur almost anywhere, including a heavily populated area where a corporate event is being held. If you’re running a special event, make sure you hire armed event security in San Jose for extra protection. At ADS Guards, we provide highly trained guards for events as well as residential and commercial spaces. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.

How Do Personal Bodyguards Protect Their Clients?

Personal bodyguards play a unique role in protecting the safety of people during events, appearances, and daily living. While many other types of security officers react to situations as they occur, personal bodyguards make it their primary responsibility to prevent threats to their clients’ safety. Although the duties of a personal bodyguard can vary with each new assignment, these are just a few of the most common tasks they are called upon to perform.

Act as a Visible Deterrent

In theory, San Jose bodyguards should never have to use physical force to protect their clients. This is because simply seeing a guard outside of a building or walking next to a high-profile celebrity is often all it takes to deter criminal activity. Since bodyguards are highly trained in how to use body language and verbal commands to calm a situation, many potential threats are prevented before theft or personal injury has a chance to come into play.

Respond Quickly to a Crisis

Personal bodyguards need more than brawn to be effective in their duties. It also takes fast thinking to react quickly and get their clients to safety during threatening situations. From being followed by a car to evacuating a building that is on fire, bodyguards know they must be prepared for anything. Responding with accuracy during changing situations is one of the most important tasks bodyguards perform when protecting their clients.

Observe and Report Events

People hire bodyguards when they are too busy to be fully aware of their surroundings. For this reason, bodyguards are constantly observing everything that is happening, and they take detailed mental notes that may be useful for guarding their clients. After a crisis, personal bodyguards are also called upon to accurately report what happened to their supervisors and interested law enforcement agencies.

Communicate with Associated Parties

The media sometimes portrays bodyguards as being all about strength. However, San Jose armed security guards must also be capable of seamlessly blending into their client’s lives. Depending on the assignment, they may need to welcome guests at a celebrity’s home and walk them to the appropriate meeting room, answer phone calls, or send emails for their clients. This requires them to be professional in every communication.

Plan and Implement Safety Strategies

Preventing a crisis is always better than having to react to one, which is why personal bodyguards conduct safety assessments of a client’s home, office, and public areas they visit. They then advise their clients of the best safety protocols to follow and explain what could happen if they ignore these protocols. They also work hard to have contingency plans in place that can be used if anything threatens their clients’ safety.

ADS Guards is a trusted provider of personal bodyguard services. San Jose residents are safer when opting for the protection of our professional armed and unarmed guards, whether it’s for personal protection or the protection of commercial or residential properties. Find out more about our high-quality services and receive a complimentary quote by calling 1-800-794-1550 today.

5 Ways Security Guards Can Protect Your Business During Off Hours

Police departments in San Jose are concerned about a rash of after-hours burglaries that have unfolded in recent months. In November 2016, business owners in San Jose were targeted by a serial burglar whose modus operandi involved smashing glass doors with a rock and grabbing tip jars and cash registers from unguarded cafes. A few months later, the Santa Clara County District Attorney announced her office was working with police departments to break up burglary crews operating at night.

These situations underscore the importance of hiring San Jose commercial security guards for your business not just during the usual hours of operation. Here are five ways your company’s bottom line can be protected after hours.

1. Prevent Vandalism

If you manage an office center that leases space to political parties, law firms dedicated to lobbying, or other potentially controversial organizations, one of your concerns should be angry activists who believe vandalism and destruction of property are effective ways to get their message across. These activists do not want to be caught in the act. For this reason, you may want to provide after-hours security guards to put your tenants at ease.

2. Deter Brazen Burglars

Video surveillance and modern security systems are no match for the criminal minds of motivated burglars. Brazen thieves see opportunity when they notice unguarded premises in the dark. However, if they see a security guard they are less likely to take their chances.

3. Watch for Professional Criminal Crews

Cat burglars and organized thieves tend to be very smart about the way they operate. Unlike brazen burglars, they will not act on impulse. Instead, their focus is on planning so they can commit crimes undetected. Disabling alarms, cloaking cameras, and timing the arrival of law enforcement are just a few of their tactics. Nonetheless, they tend to call off their actions the moment they spot security personnel.

4. Thwart Criminal Surveillance

Shopping centers that send their security guards home for the night are often targeted by criminals who “case the joint” from the parking lot. A nighttime roving guard on patrol can prevent criminal surveillance from taking place. Moreover, the guard’s observations can be communicated to local law enforcement agencies to help their investigative efforts.

5. Lower Insurance Premiums

Hiring a San Jose security guard to work after hours can effectively lower a business’s liability insurance premiums, particularly if they are already high due to being in a high-risk area. For example, hiring nighttime security for an apartment building may do more than just lower insurance premiums. It may also raise the profile of the landlord’s property and attract tenants who are willing to pay higher rent.

If you’re seeking highly trained commercial security guards to watch over your business day and night, reach out to ADS Guards, one of the most trusted and reliable security companies in San Jose, California. We also offer professional guards for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly agents and receive a free quote.


4 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for High School Football Games

Going to sporting events and showing team spirit are integral parts of the high school experience. However, whenever there are large groups of energetic fans crowded into a relatively small space, things can quickly spiral out of control. High school football games can be plagued by fights, shootings, vandalism, drug use, and theft. Following are four reasons why these events should always have a security presence.

1. Control the Crowd

To ensure the safety of all attendees, it’s important to have a strategic crowd control plan in place for directing foot traffic both at the start and the end of the football game. This prevents loitering and gives security teams the opportunity to break up altercations in parking lot areas or at the perimeter of the playing field. Should everyone need to evacuate the field due to an emergency, security officers can also make sure this exodus occurs in a safe and orderly fashion.

2. Ensure the Event Is Fun-Filled and Memorable

On-site security can prevent a handful of potential troublemakers from spoiling the fun for everyone. Most high schools charge ticket fees for attendance and, thus, you want to make sure your guests are getting the expected value from their purchases. With the right professionals on hand, players can flex their skills uninterrupted and reap the benefits of all their hard work. Creating a safe, secure environment for college scouts also increases the number of recruitment opportunities available to graduating players.

3. Prevent On-Site Drug and Alcohol Use

With competitive juices in high gear, the last thing high school sporting events need are students who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is a recipe for rash and regrettable decisions. Having a security team on hand is one of the most effective ways to prevent on-site drug and alcohol use. Not only are security guards a natural deterrent for unsavory activities such as these, but they can also remove all parties who have arrived with contraband. San Jose guard security can take the necessary actions for reporting underage drug and alcohol use to the proper authorities, and they can also work hand in hand with members of your own staff to ensure all incidents of substance use are handled correctly.

4. Establish Protocols for Preventing Fights

In addition to deterring on-site alcohol use and removing individuals who are showing signs of intoxication, security professionals can also establish protocols for avoiding fights between opposing teams, gangs, and other attendees. Top security companies in San Jose can suggest preventative strategies to implement in advance of the big event such as forbidding students to wear gang colors, installing metal detectors, and strictly limiting attendance to students from the schools of the two competing teams. Guards can also prevent people who leave the game early from loitering in parking lot areas or re-entering the facilities.

To learn more about the benefits of professional protection at high school sporting events, get in touch with ADS Guards, a trusted provider of event security in San Jose. We also offer security services for residential and commercial spaces. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.