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5 Crimes Security Guards Can Prevent in a Corporate Environment

The American corporate environment is supposed to be a sophisticated world where laws are obeyed and rules are followed. However, this ideal is often shattered by the reality of crimes in the workplace. For this reason, opting for corporate security services in San Jose is essential at a time when criminal behavior is not exempt from the corporate world. Here are 5 criminal situations that can be prevented, thwarted, or managed by trained security guards assigned to protect corporate workplaces.

1. Vandalism

We live in complicated times of deep ideological division and uncertainty. To this effect, political protests across the United States are escalating and corporate interests are often being targeted. For decades, activists opposed to free trade and globalization have targeted major brands with vandalism and destruction of property. These days, anti-globalization protesters have joined forces with other radicals who are against the political status quo. These groups are known to vandalize, but they usually choose targets that are not protected by security guards.

2. Employee Theft

According to statistics compiled by Sysrepublic, theft by American workers cost their employers $18 billion per year. Even with intense pre-employment screening and loyalty programs, the odds of staff members stealing from their employers are always high. The enterprise world tends to be more sophisticated. Therefore, corporate thievery also tends to be sophisticated and complex. The mere presence of uniformed guards in corporate offices can go a long way in dissuading casual employee theft. “Professional” thieves are more difficult to catch. This may require a video surveillance system monitored by trained security professionals.

3. Physical Assault and Battery

As much as we would like to think of corporate offices as safe workplaces, they are not exempt from acts of violence. Heated arguments, blackmail, and disgruntled employees are some of the situations that can potentially lead to violence in the corporate workplace, but the odds of such incidents taking place are substantially reduced by the presence of uniformed security guards, particularly when they are licensed and trained in the use of firearms.

4. Fraudulent Insurance Claims

It is widely known that American corporations are required to carry liability insurance policies that provide millions of dollars in coverage. Sadly, fraudsters and flimflam artists are well aware of this corporate requirement, which they often use to their advantage. Two of the most common sham liability claims are slips and falls and fabricated parking lot incidents. When uniformed security officers are posted and on patrol, fraudsters tend to be dissuaded. Even when claims are filed in court, statements and observations made by a San Jose security guard can help dismiss lawsuits.

5. Sabotage

Ideology, fanaticism, and radical thoughts against corporate brands are part of the world we live in. Hacktivists and radicals may take action against corporations with the assistance of insiders. However, sabotage can be prevented with the presence and surveillance conducted by security guards trained in recognizing these threats.

If you are looking for top-rated corporate security guards, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of security services in San Jose, CA. We also offer trained guards for residential and commercial spaces. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with a trusted representative.

7 Things You Need to Do If You’re a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is on the rise. According to, it affects approximately 11.6 million Americans each year. Your personal information can quickly become stolen from a credit card you use at a gas station or from an application for a new account. When you want to recover from the fraud and prevent further loss, there are a few important steps to take. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading security company in San Jose, wants to share these important steps with you.

1. Contact the Credit Card Company

Immediately close any accounts that have suspicious charges to prevent the card from being used again. You will not be responsible for paying unauthorized charges and are protected by the Fair Credit Billing Act.

2. Examine Your Bank Statements

Take a close look at your bank and credit card statements to watch for other signs of fraud that may be present. Highlight unusual transactions you want to investigate.

3. Sign Up for an Identify Theft Monitoring Service

An identity theft monitoring service will track your accounts each month and investigate suspicious activity in the future. The service will freeze accounts and notify you of theft that occurs to ensure you reduce the risk of further loss.

4. Change Your Passwords

Many criminals obtain credit card information by hacking accounts, making it necessary to change your passwords so you can reduce the risk of further damage. You can also change your PIN number or username to increase your security.

5. File a Police Report

Some people’s credit scores are affected by fraud that occurs to their accounts. The scores can be repaired by the credit bureaus if the victim files a police report. Complete an online complaint form and follow up to ensure it is processed promptly.

6. Contact Credit Bureaus

Get in contact with the major credit bureaus, which include Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can have a fraud alert placed on your account for a minimum of 90 days and for up to 7 years, which is a free service. You can also receive a credit freeze to prevent new creditors from pulling your personal information. Make sure to take a look at your personal information to ensure everything is accurate.

7. Keep Careful Records

Keep organized records of your paperwork and evidence that proves you were a victim of credit card fraud. Make it a point to check your credit score regularly and look for errors or suspicious activity each month. You can also send a letter to your credit card company to explain the fraud that took place.

When you want to repair the damage that occurred to your credit score and prevent the fraud from happening in the future, it’s crucial to remain proactive. By taking immediate steps and safeguarding your information, you can quickly move on from the event.

As a trusted security agency, we at ADS Guards believe it’s important to protect your financial and personal information. However, there are a wide variety of other ways criminals and scammers can do you harm. If you have a residential or commercial space that needs professional protection, we provide armed and unarmed security officers in San Jose. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a complimentary quote.

4 Security Risks High Schools Face

High schools aren’t inherently dangerous spaces, but in recent years they have become less safe, and many of them are even protected by a security guard. San Jose high schools can benefit from having trained professionals on site due to the following 4 security risks.

1. Weapons and Contraband

No school is immune to the fact that weapons and contraband such as drugs and alcohol are a potential risk factor. Studies indicate illegal drugs were made available to students while on school property. Also, 9 shooting deaths occurred in schools in 2016 alone. It is important to halt weapons and contraband from being brought into schools in the first place. Trained security guards can be the first line of defense.

2. Violence

Bullying, fights, and threats are becoming commonplace in many schools, and the acts of violence are not just perpetrated against students. Faculty and school staff are also under the threat of violence. During the 2011-2012 school year, 9 percent of teachers reported being threatened with physical violence by a student. Guard patrol in strategic locations helps eliminate privacy for violent students so they cannot make threats without being witnessed.

3. Theft and Vandalism

Schools today are filled with high-tech and high-value items that are easy for an opportunistic thief to steal. The average high school uses tablet and laptop computers and other media equipment that is small and easy to conceal and steal. A trained security guard can help protect assets and protect against both student and faculty causes of shrinkage.

4. Accidents and Injuries

Falls, emergency medical situations, and accidents in sports facilities are just the beginning of what can happen in a school. Security guards can act as first responders, which is why the best ones are trained in CPR and other lifesaving techniques. A trained guard can contain and manage an accident or emergency medical scene until paramedics and other emergency personnel arrive. This leads to increased student, staff, and faculty safety.

If your high school needs professional protection, turn to ADS Guards, one of the most trusted and reliable security guard companies in San Jose. We also offer security services for residential and commercial spaces. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and receive a free quote.

Why Is CPR Training Important for Security Guards?

There are more than a few ways learning CPR is useful for security officers. Professional security guards in San Jose, CA, may not always work in a healthcare environment, but giving them CPR training is still important for the following reasons.

Respond to Emergencies Quickly

The field of security involves working in a variety of environments, but professional guards often work around people. In a crowd, medical emergencies can happen quickly, leaving professional guards in the role of a first responder. Knowing how to provide CPR properly in a life-threatening situation saves lives.

Instill Trust within the Community

When a professional San Jose security officer works a busy concert or watches over a residential community, it is important people view him or her as someone who helps. CPR training builds trust by letting others know guards are not just there to get people in trouble. Their main role is to help people in any way they can. Whether they are performing CPR on an elderly person at an event or the Heimlich on a choking child, people need to know the guards in their vicinity are capable of ensuring everyone’s wellbeing.

Instill Confidence

Arming professional guards with knowledge is important for instilling the confidence they need to control any situation. In a medical emergency, a crowd can quickly get out of control if a close friend or family member responds with extreme emotion when someone they love stops breathing. With CPR training, a guard provides an instant response that allows them to perform their duties with competence while encouraging calm within the crowd.

Partner with Other Responders

Professional guards work closely with law and safety officers in the communities they serve, and CPR is more effective when two people are working together to perform chest compressions and provide breaths. Being able to partner together with other responders cultivates professional relationships that smooth the way for everyone to work together for the good of the community.

CPR is just one form of training that’s essential for security guards. Whether there’s a need for highly trained commercial or residential security, guards for special events, or bodyguard services, San Jose residents can turn to ADS Guards for their professional security needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550, and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.

5 Reasons Businesses Should Hire Guards with Guard Cards

Companies that need security protection shouldn’t settle for anything less than the highest quality guards. Guard cards are an important aspect to consider when hiring professional San Jose, CA, security guards for your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire guards who carry these important cards.

1. Prior Experience

Guards with guard cards have completed classes designed to prepare them specifically for professional security jobs. Some states also require a minimum amount of hours on the job within a time frame after completing their training. For example, California requires multiple classes of mandatory training and 16 hours training on the job within 30 days. Even if your business is their first job, guards with their card are often far more qualified than those without.

2. Professionalism

Individuals who have put in the time and effort to become a card-certified security guard are more likely to carry themselves with professionalism. Knowing your security hire is both certified and ethically sound can give you peace of mind.

3. Multiple Levels of Training

Guards with guard cards are professionally trained in a variety of important areas such as public relations, observation, record-keeping, communication, understanding of liability, WMD and terrorism awareness, and other security-related concerns. This level of training puts them head and shoulders above potential hires without cards.

4. Registration with the BSIS

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services maintains up-to-date records on all guards with guard cards. This makes verifying background information simple and provides a point of contact for confirming the qualifications of the potential hire.

5. Firearm Certification

Some businesses require armed security protection. Security guards with cards have the potential to receive firearms training and permits as part of their qualifications. This is an added level of security that individuals without certification are unlikely to provide.

If your business is looking to hire professional security, get in touch with ADS Guards, a trusted provider of trained guards in San Jose. We also offer residential security services and provide guards for special corporate events. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself When Surfing the Internet

Most people use the Internet every day. However, spending time online can be somewhat dangerous if you don’t know how to protect your identity and other personal information. San Jose security experts want to share 4 important steps you can take to practice safety on the Internet.

1. Install Antivirus Software

If you’re using a PC, antivirus software should be your first line of defense. A 2014 report revealed 32 percent of the world’s computers are infected with some sort of malware, and Windows PCs by far carry most of those numbers. Be careful about the type of software you choose. These days, free antivirus solutions are just as good if not better than the traditional pay software, which may slow down your machine. If you’re running a mobile OS, such as iOS or Android, there shouldn’t be a need for antivirus software if you’re only downloading applications from official app stores.

2. Upgrade Your Browser

Third-party browsers often offer security benefits over Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers. For example, Google Chrome runs in a sandbox, which is a kind of virtual environment that exists somewhat separate from the operating system. A sandbox makes it much harder for malware to travel from the browser to the system itself. If you’re really concerned or have had problems in the past, some antivirus companies offer specialized browsers optimized for security.

3. Get a Phishing Filter

Phishing filters are designed to stop you from accessing potentially infected sites. If you try to navigate to a site on its blacklist, the phishing filter software prevents you from connecting to that page. Some antivirus programs have these filters built in.

4. Be Careful with Links in Your Email

Always check the “from” email address to make sure any email asking you to click a link is legitimate. If it looks real but you’re still not sure, don’t click the link. Instead, navigate to the site manually with your browser and log in there. Then you can see if there really is some sort of issue. Never send personal information by email, and don’t enter personal information in any forms that look suspicious.

For additional tips on how to surf the Internet safely, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of residential and commercial security, and we also offer event security services in San Jose. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

Preventing Income Tax Fraud in 2017

When it comes to doing your taxes, there are plenty of reasons why you should file early this year. Though it’s true that the sooner you file, the sooner you will get your refund, another reason to make the mad dash to do your tax return is to prevent fraud. The IRS prevents millions of cases of would-be fraud each year, so it’s your job to do everything you can to ward off scam artists. The staff at ADS Guards, one of the top security companies in San Jose, shares a few tips that can help keep you from becoming a statistic.

Avoid Opening Tax-Related Emails

Known as one of the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams, phishing is a common tax fraud scheme. Criminals send an official-looking email that dupes you into clicking on links and visiting websites that resemble the real IRS website. Email senders may also pretend to be from a financial institution or take on the role of a friendly tax software provider. They may even encourage you to divulge your personal information, which they can use to file a false tax return.

Be Wary of Strange Calls from the IRS

People who are trying to scam you may call and pretend to be IRS agents who threaten to arrest you if you don’t give them money. The IRS will never call you asking for money. If someone does call you pretending to be from the IRS, try to trace the phone number. You can then call the real IRS and report them.

Choose a Reputable Tax Preparer

Most people don’t think twice about who is preparing their taxes, but if you’re not careful you can get scammed. The IRS encourages taxpayers to weigh the pros and cons when choosing their tax preparer. Just about anyone with an IRS tax identification number can do your taxes, but only attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents can represent you with the IRS. Before you make a final decision, verify the preparer’s credentials. Take advantage of the IRS’s directory to make sure the person you’ve chosen is authorized to prepare your taxes.

Be cautious if the preparer:

  • Makes promises about the amount of your refund
  • Calculates fees based on the amount of your refund, not an hourly rate or flat fee
  • Encourages you to pay for extra services like reimbursement if he or she makes a mistake

Protect Yourself from potential scammers.

It’s important to be vigilant about how you file your taxes as well. If you plan to file online, make sure you log off completely when finished. In addition, don’t leave your tax forms in your car or anywhere someone could see them. If possible, shred any paperwork you no longer need before throwing it away. Filing your taxes early is another great way to protect

The IRS works hard to prevent tax fraud, but you also need to do your part. Take the time to review information on their website and take the necessary steps to protect your identity. If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact the IRS immediately.

For additional tips on preventing income tax fraud, reach out to ADS Guards, a trusted provider of professional security services in San Jose, CA. We provide armed and unarmed guards for commercial and residential spaces as well as special corporate events. To learn more, call one of our friendly representatives at 1-800-794-1550 today.

4 Ways Security Guard Protection Can Benefit VIP Clients

Your company’s VIP clients deserve to feel comfortable and secure. Whether traveling long distances to conduct high-value transactions or carrying large amounts of cash for personal use, these people are commonly targets for theft, harassment, and physical harm. Following are 4 ways VIP clients can benefit from your decision to hire security in San Jose.

1. Providing Peace of Mind

Most VIP clients are well aware of the extra risk their status entails. As a result, they often experience fairly high levels of anxiety when entering the public arena. Knowing they have skilled professionals by their sides can alleviate their fears and allow them to travel and conduct their transactions with comfort and peace of mind.

2. Preventing Theft

VIP clients are who they are largely because of their spending abilities, which is also what makes them common targets for criminal actions. With proper protection from a San Jose armed security guard, they can safely travel with the money and other assets they deem necessary for conducting their business and maintaining the levels of comfort they’re accustomed to.

3. Moderating Media Attention

A high-profile person can generate a lot of media interest, which makes it difficult to engage in business with an acceptable amount of privacy. Your client may wish to conduct his or her transaction with the utmost confidentiality and anonymity. Not only are security guards trained to handle security threats, but they can also assist people in limiting the amount of media exposure they get by discouraging aggressive reporters and unauthorized photos.

4. Protecting Physical Safety

Beyond making your VIP clients feel more relaxed and comfortable, the protection you hire can also prevent physical harm, including loss of life. Professional guards know how to enter densely populated areas while actively watching for and mitigating potential threats. With their help, your high-profile customers can conduct business without distractions, interruptions, or physical injuries.

If your company does business with high-profile clients, ADS Guards can provide highly trained security guards to make their visits safer and more secure. We also provide professional security for special corporate events. To learn more about the corporate security San Jose companies trust, give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 today.

How Professional Security Guards Address the Fight or Flight Instinct

The fight or flight response has been part of the human condition for thousands of years. For armed and unarmed security guards, this natural instinct may become more challenging to manage. However, it’s crucial for these professionals to stay focused.

In 2009, researchers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs presented a spectrum of physiological responses to fight or flight encounters. Fright, faint, and freeze are within the spectrum of acute responses, which are not conducive to the duties of a security guard in San Jose. Effective training should prompt professional guards to recognize certain physiological changes and use them to their advantage so they can prevent responses such as fainting and freezing.

Fight or flight is a complex condition. Dozens of hormones are released when a person senses and recognizes danger. Once security guards start feeling these hormones surging and preparing them to flee or to handle the cause of danger, their training will allow them to leverage the effect of certain hormones to their advantage.

The most important aspect of fight and flight that security guards in San Jose need to remember is that they are not the only ones affected by it. For instance, when working a loss prevention assignment at a store, professional guards must keep in mind chasing a shoplifter may result in a fight or flight situation against them. If a shoplifter is cornered, he or she may choose to fight due to the guard cutting off potential escape routes.

Understanding the dimensions of fight and flight can help a San Jose armed guard stay safe while protecting people and property. The guard needs to know what is really happening and how the situation may escalate before choosing to act on his or her hormonal state.

At ADS Guards, we extensively train our employees to ensure the security services they provide are of the highest quality. We are a leading provider of residential and commercial security in San Jose, and we also provide professional guards for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more and receive a complimentary quote.

5 Reasons Movie Theaters Should Hire Professional Security

If you’ve been to any movie theater, you know there are dark areas where large groups people are sitting close together. This provides the perfect environment for danger to occur at any time, which is why hiring security guards at a movie theater is a smart idea. If you run a movie theater, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a security guard in San Jose.

1. Control Crowds

One of the advantages of having San Jose security services in a movie theater, especially if there is a popular movie playing, is that the guards can control the crowds. Professional guards can monitor the number of people who enter and exit the building, which allows theater employees to concentrate on handling money and other aspects of their jobs.

2. Deter Theft

There are times when people may try to sneak inside a theater or even steal concession items. If a guard is present, the thief can be apprehended and told not to come back to the theater. Having a guard onsite can help keep the cost of items low for everyone else because there won’t be as many thefts with an officer present.

3. Prevent Violence

When you combine dark places and large numbers of people, there is a chance for violence. Security guards can stand inside each theater area to ensure violent acts don’t break out. If any violence occurs, a guard can quickly get help or prevent the person from causing harm on his own.

4. Provide Customer Service

Though security guards don’t usually work directly for the theater, they can still offer assistance to patrons when needed. Customers can ask for directions to the bathroom or other areas, and they can also get information on where to purchase tickets.

5. Check Bags

At times, there might be a need for a San Jose unarmed security guard to check the bags of people attending a film, often for a high-profile movie that is expected to sell out for the showing or for a sneak preview. The guard can make sure people entering the theater don’t have any weapons or other objects not allowed in the building.

Learn more about the advantages of having professional security at a movie theater by getting in touch with ADS Guards. We have been in business for nearly 20 years and pride ourselves in providing expertly trained guards to keep residential and commercial spaces safe. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.