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5 Strategies for Preventing Shoplifting

Bay Area shoplifters are already busy making their unpleasant presence known in 2018. In January, a Lucky store clerk confronted a shoplifter in Oakland while thieves in El Cerrito were caught trying to steal electric toothbrushes and shavers from a CVS drugstore. In San Francisco, an alert employee at the Safeway supermarket in the Fairmont Shopping Center noticed a man surreptitiously walking out with groceries without paying. When police officers arrived to confront the suspect in the parking lot, they found a van filled with meat, diaper, dairy products, and other items known to sell very quickly in the growing black market of groceries stolen from Northern California stores.

It should be noted that these cases were reported by news media outlets because they ended up in police investigations and arrests. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, the estimated number of shoplifters operating annually in the United States is greater than 25 million, and less than 10 percent are detected in a year. Although 70 percent of shoplifters confess to stealing impulsively, more than a quarter are professionals who pride themselves on never being caught. Here are five methods business owners can practice to prevent shoplifting, brought to you by ADS Guards, a leading provider of security services in San Jose, CA.

1. Retain the Services of Security Guards

Since sophisticated shoplifters tend to generate the most damaging amount of shrinkage and revenue loss, hiring security officers in San Jose is highly recommended because it lets these seasoned criminals know their careers could be interrupted by the actions of professionals. Shoplifting crews are known to be risk-averse, which means they will generally skip establishments where security guards are posted.

2. Look Out for Distractions

Shoplifters are professionals when it comes to distractions. An overly clumsy thief who grabs an item and runs or a shopper who takes a nasty fall on a dry floor could be providing cover for other shoplifters to ply their wicked trade.

3. Utilize Smart Shift Management

Instead of expecting store clerks and cashiers to start working at the exact time they arrive at the store, give them between 20 and 30 minutes to get briefed and settled in their positions. The idea is to perform a visible shift change that lets shoplifters know incoming clerks are relaxed and ready to pay attention.

4. Train Employees on Loss Prevention

The security agency that provides guards can also conduct training sessions with employees to let them know what to look for during their shifts. Some of the lessons employees may learn include keeping an eye on shoppers who are carrying more than one purse or may be wearing layered clothing in the middle of a humid Bay Area summer.

5. Manage Inventory

Modern point-of-sale solutions that include automated inventory management are provided free of charge by credit card payments processors as a value-added service to their clients. The old pencil-and-paper methods of inventory management often result in misreporting shrinkage and providing a false estimation of loss.

If you’re looking for commercial security in San Jose, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been providing armed and unarmed guards to Bay Area businesses for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

5 Things to Avoid Doing When Hiring Professional Security

The year 2018 has had a rough start in terms of security for Bay Area businesses. On the first Thursday of the year, an armed suspect robbed the Bank of America branch in the Outer Richmond district of San Francisco, and a Pleasant Hill gas station experienced a break-in during the evening hours of New Year’s Day. In Corte Madera, a morning robbery at The Village prompted a lockdown of the shopping center on January 3rd.

It is easy to understand why business owners in San Jose are more likely to think about implementing security measures in their companies this year. If you are planning on hiring security personnel in 2018, here are 5 things you shouldn’t do.

1. Hire Individuals Instead of Contracting Agencies

During periods of high business activity, company owners are likely to be solicited by military veterans and former law enforcement officers looking to get on a payroll as private security guards. Even though these individuals may have impressive resumes and considerable experience, they rarely have the support system a security agency provides, which means you will have to supply them with equipment, find substitutes when they are not able to work, and even cover their licensing costs.

2. Make Hasty Security Plans

As a company owner, you are probably well aware of your security needs, but you should not draft your own security plan and rush to hire guards unless you have extensive experience doing so. It is a better idea to let a security guard agency in San Jose draft a plan according to your company needs before assigning guards to execute on the objectives.

3. Think You Will Gain an Extra Worker

San Jose commercial security guards tend to be courteous and mindful individuals who occasionally help with certain tasks such as loading supplies and keeping some areas clean, but you should not expect them to be additional employees who help with administrative, operational, and productivity matters beyond their scope of protecting life and property.

4. Overload Guards with Assignments

Security plans should reasonably indicate the duties and responsibilities of the guards you hire. If you operate a warehouse with a large perimeter that requires constant surveillance, you should not expect a single guard to conduct foot patrols and keep an eye on closed-circuit video systems at the same time.

5. Ignore Security Needs

The worst decision you can make would be to disregard potential security issues. Hiring uniformed guards can elevate the profile of your business by making your customers feel safer. Moreover, the increased physical security may result in lower liability insurance premiums. Even if your company has not recently experienced a security incident, this does not mean something will not happen in the future. Keep in mind security guards protect more than just inventory and equipment. They also protect your customers and employees.

If you run a business and are considering security guard services in San Jose, reach out to ADS Guards. Our expertly trained guards can protect your business, and we also provide professional security for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.

4 Tips to Help You Stay Safe When in a Large Crowd

Judging by what American society experienced in 2017, activism is bound to increase in 2018. In the past, large gatherings required careful planning, which is no longer the case in a time when disruptive flash mobs can materialize through strategic social media postings. Individuals who work for companies operating in controversial sectors should not be surprised to find demonstrators posted outside their offices in 2018, and they may not even be the targets of protesters. For example, people who work in the Mission District of San Francisco are bound to encounter large crowds gathered to protest in front of the new Uber headquarters office. Here are four recommendations people who encounter large crowds should consider.

1. Follow Security Instructions and Measures

Individuals working for companies that retain security guards should learn to follow the prompts and instructions of these trained professionals in case a large number of protesters are gathered near the office. Security guards in San Jose, CA, stay on top of the issues that could affect their clients, and thus they are bound to be familiar with the typical behavior and tactics of certain activists and groups. Guards can also escort employees to their vehicles or to a safe place.

2. Carry Only Essential Items

Pickpockets are known to take advantage of large gatherings. To this effect, individuals should not carry valuable items when they expect to walk through crowded spaces. When a crowd is unavoidable, it is a good idea to transfer valuable items to front pockets and shift purses and backpacks to the front. An ankle pouch is a good idea in case the need arises to transfer identification documents, cash, bank cards, smartphone, and car keys.

3. Expect Risky Situations

Individuals should always think about worst-case scenarios when they end up in the midst of a crowd they did not anticipate. Physical injuries are often part of a worst-case scenario, but they can be prevented by staying away from pockets of agitation, walking in a sideways or diagonal pattern in the case of a human stampede, and seeking escape routes that can be reasonably reached.

4. Practice Safety in Numbers

Humans are generally better at taking care of others than taking care of themselves. For this reason, individuals should always try to stick together in crowded situations. It is always better to pair up when in large groups. Phone numbers should be exchanged and a rendezvous point should be agreed upon. Physical size and life experience should also be considered when pairing up. Veterans can walk alongside people without military experience, and larger individuals who can resist the push and pull of crowds can be paired with smaller partners. The goal should always be to stay together and make it to safety as a team. Constant communication and situational awareness should be practiced until safety is reached. If you get separated from your group, look for a San Jose unarmed security guard who can help you.

If you need professional guards for a big event that is likely to draw a large crowd, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security services. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a complimentary quote.

Facts About Security That Might Interest You [Infographic]

Burglaries and break-ins are among the greatest fears homeowners face. One way to prevent crimes such as these is to have a good security system in place. If you’re interested in learning some important and interesting statistics on home burglaries and how high your chances might be, take a look at this infographic, brought to you by ADS Guards, a leading provider of San Jose security services.


6 Signs a Business Needs to Hire Professional Guards

If you are a business owner who thinks in terms of growth and expansion, there may come a time when you realize security personnel should be incorporated into your operations. You may not realize it now, but security has always been an important aspect of your business. Security is what you have in mind when you lock the office doors and when you install firewall and antivirus software in your office workstations. You know your business will need a San Jose security officer when you observe the following signs.

1. Increased Crime

Moving may not always be an option when crime rates start going up in your neighborhood. When local business owners and police officers start discussing a wave of break-ins in your commercial district, you should reasonably think you could be next.

2. Multiple Liability Claims

If workers’ compensation and general liability claims have been gradually stacking up against your company, there is a good chance they will slow down after you retain security services in San Jose, CA. Workers, customers, and associates tend to be more mindful of their actions when they see security guards.

3. Shoplifting

If you are a retail store owner whose retail shrinkage has turned into serious loss, your next move should be to post uniformed security guards on the premises, particularly if you already have a video surveillance system that is not detecting losses. Stealth shrinkage could be the work of professionals or insiders. These malicious operators tend to stop the moment they see security guards.

4. Safety Concerns

Large establishments do not have to be dedicated to construction, warehousing, or manufacturing to have safety concerns. By being a large establishment that employs a lot of workers, even a call center may have safety concerns in terms of foot traffic, parking lot activity, and employee interaction. Security guards can be trained to be safety officers, and they often serve as first responders in emergency situations.

5. Political Animosity

You already know political sentiment has become a thorny and even dangerous aspect of American life. Let’s say you are the founding partner of a law firm that has taken on a significant lobbying contract to advance a controversial bill at the state or federal level. Once details of this lucrative contract are made public, activists may target your office and staff. As a founder, the right thing to do would be to protect your employees, partners, and premises by hiring a San Jose armed security guard.

6. Liquor on the Premises

Whenever liquor is involved, the potential for trouble increases. Even if you do not operate a tavern or a restaurant, there may be times when liquor will be served on the premises. A beauty salon may offer wine, an auto dealership may plan a Fourth of July picnic complete with beer and grilled burgers, or you may decide to throw a holiday party for your staff.

ADS Guards can provide the protection your business needs, any time of day or night. Our highly trained armed and unarmed guards are reliable and professional industry leaders. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to receive a free quote.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Guards for Car Dealerships

Hardly a day goes by without news reports about crime and security incidents at car dealerships across the United States. In late October, a daring auto heist in South Dakota involved high-speed chases that took police officers as far as Missouri. The cars had all been stolen from a dealership. Closer to the Bay Area, a routine traffic stop in Santa Clara County revealed the driver had stolen 20 sets of valet keys from a local dealer. An investigation later revealed he was a disgruntled employee who had recently been terminated from the dealership.

Car theft is hardly the only reason to consider posting guards in an auto dealership. Here are five potential situations security guards in San Jose can handle as they guard your office, showroom, and lot.

1. Enhance the Profile of Your Dealership

Visibly posting security guards during business hours will be welcomed by your customers. Perks such as a cafeteria, gift shop, and lounge are always nice, but customers truly appreciate a sense of safety while they visit your lot. If your business is located in a major metropolitan area, your customers will take notice of the dealerships with security guards.

2. Control Crowds

If you are the type of dealership operator who likes a lot of store traffic, you probably arrange Fourth of July barbecue challenges and family events to attract more customers. The only issue with these events is that they may also attract gropers, pickpockets, loiterers, and other individuals who take advantage of crowds. Security guards can help you keep these miscreants away from your lot.

3. Protect Inventory

When you lock down for the night, the cars sitting in your lot and showroom are not the only inventory thieves may be interested in. If you have a shop and parts department, thieves might consider these ideal targets since the goods will be easier to move. If you only rely on automated security systems, your dealership may be targeted by professionals who can defeat such measures. On the other hand, sophisticated thieves will notice the presence of a San Jose armed guard and move on to a different target.

4. Discourage Criminal Activity

Car dealerships are often chosen by criminals who wish to ply their wicked trade in places they think are inconspicuous. You may think thieves and fraudsters are the only criminal threats to your business, but this is not the case. In recent years, organized crime rings have been choosing auto dealerships for money laundering and drug trafficking. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activity. Furthermore, their mere presence may prompt careful criminals to choose other spots.

5. Handle Confrontations

A high-pressure sales environment can sometimes result in emotional and temperamental situations that escalate into confrontations. Customers may get upset if a sales transaction does not go as expected or if an auto repair service fails to address a mechanical issue. Similarly, disgruntled employees may let their temper get the best of them, and these are situations security guards can handle.

If you need commercial security in San Jose for a car dealership or another type of business, get in touch with ADS Guards today. We also offer professionally trained guards for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

6 Most Important Duties of Corporate Security Guards

In today’s increasingly complex and corporate environment, security has become a very challenging aspect of doing business. When anti-globalization protesters stormed the 1999 World Trade Organization summit in Seattle, the need for strengthened corporate security reached a turning point. The modern corporate world faces many risks and threats that security personnel are called upon to handle. Here are some of the duties corporate security guards are expected to perform these days.

1. Adherence to Security Plans and Programs

Even when outside agencies are retained to provide corporate security services in San Jose, the contracted guards must answer to the executive officer in charge of security. In a retail environment, security guards fall under the purview of a loss prevention director. In a corporate environment, they must answer to the corporate security officer (CSO) and adhere to specific plans.

2. Protection of Corporate Personnel

As in other business settings, a San Jose armed security guard is tasked with protecting life. In a corporate setting, protecting life may involve escorting high-profile executives when there is a credible risk that they may be targeted by criminals, agitators, or instigators. The movements of controversial CEOs such as Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, are closely followed not only by journalists but also by bold protesters. In 2011, Murdoch took a pie to his face, and a similar situation has happened to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Although a pie to the face is mostly harmless, there is always a risk of escalated violence.

3. Protection of Corporate Facilities

Security guards assigned to corporate offices are expected to watch over the physical integrity of facilities. Acts of vandalism such as graffiti are increasingly being perpetrated against corporations. More serious attacks may involve defacement, destruction, and sabotage by protesters and activists.

4. Protection of Intellectual Property

As Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, and the Paradise Papers have demonstrated, activists have a great amount of interest in revealing the dealings of corporations by exposing confidential documents. Corporate security officers in San Jose are being trained to detect potential leaks or theft of intellectual property by activists, rogue insiders, and corporate espionage perpetrators.

5. Crowd Control and Handling the Public

Some companies operate in sectors that are more prone to controversy than others. The corporate offices of investment banking and mining firms can expect to be targeted by protesters, activists, and the press. Corporate security guards are expected to be able to contain protesters while at the same time respecting their freedom of speech and allowing them to interact with public relations personnel in an orderly manner.

6. Controlling Access to Corporate Facilities

This is one of the most important duties handled by security guards posted at the entrances of corporate offices. The current threat environment may require tight access control, and thus guards are called upon to check badges, identification, and credentials of employees, vendors, journalists, partners, government inspectors, law enforcement officers, and visitors.

If you need highly trained security guards for a corporate environment, reach out to ADS Guards. We also provide professional guards for commercial and residential properties. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to receive a free quote.

5 Important Pieces of Equipment for Security Guards

As is the case for many professionals across various fields, the work of security guards is greatly augmented by the gear and equipment they utilize in the performance of their duties. Providing security is something that typically requires a high degree of mobility, which means guards often have to carry or wear the equipment that can help them in a variety of situations. Here are five essential pieces of equipment used by security guards these days.

1. Weapons

San Jose armed security guards often carry a semiautomatic pistol as their sidearm. Assignments such as guarding armored trucks may require the handling of shotguns. Other equipment may include extendable batons and pepper spray canisters. Weapons carried by security guards are meant to be defensive, and they primarily serve as deterrence factors. Sophisticated criminals who rely on never getting caught will certainly notice armed guards and decide to move on to another target.

2. Communications Equipment

Two-way radios that operate on secure channels are a must for all security officers, particularly if they work in teams or if their duties require them to stay in touch with a command and control center. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used by security guards, particularly if they are equipped with earpieces for hands-free communication. However, two-way radios tend to feature greater battery life without the constraints of wireless signal coverage.

3. Tactical Uniforms

The clothing worn by security guards can serve various purposes. All uniforms worn by security personnel are tactical because they adhere to plans formulated to achieve certain goals according to form and function. Utility uniforms are usually worn by guards on foot patrols, while those in corporate settings may wear more formal clothing. Comfortable and sturdy footwear is a must. Depending on the risk assessment and the duties of a security guard in San Jose, a bulletproof vest and a security belt may also be worn to carry and organize weapons and equipment.

4. Digital Cameras

The ability to record video or take photographs is one of the reasons smartphones are being increasingly used by security guards. The images and footage recorded by digital cameras can serve as evidence or surveillance, and they can also be used to make tactical decisions when evaluating patrol routes or security plans. In many cases, photos taken by security guards have been used by law enforcement officers as part of criminal investigations.

5. First Aid Kit

Since they are expected to protect life as well as property, security guards often find themselves in situations where they must act as first responders in medical emergencies. To this effect, many guards attend training to acquire the skills necessary to render basic life support. First aid kits used by security guards may contain gloves, dressings, bandages, scissors, tweezers, alcohol or other disinfectant solutions, tape, and a shield that can be used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts.

If you need trained, professional guards for your commercial or residential space, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of security guard services in San Jose. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

Should You Hire Security for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

As lawmakers in the Golden State continue to pass legislation and rules to make marijuana more accessible to the public, a very lucrative retail and distribution industry is emerging. In the Bay Area, the business of operating medical marijuana dispensaries has become easier thanks to new regulations and safeguards over the last couple of years, and residents are waiting for the day when over-the-counter recreational sales become a reality.

The American cannabis industry is expected to grow at an exponential rate in the coming decade, which means threat and risk levels are increasing accordingly. In Colorado, statistics show nearly 19 percent of dispensaries were robbed in 2009. Closer to the Bay Area, the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office reported the armed robbery of a dispensary in August of this year. In the same month, two Redwood City teenagers were arrested after they robbed a driver handling a delivery order for a San Francisco dispensary.

Preventing robberies is just one reason San Jose private security guards should be retained to protect local dispensaries. Here are a few other reasons to consider.

Comply with Local and State Laws

As the pro-cannabis legislative framework continues to mature, municipal governments will be directed to establish their own regulatory framework as it relates to the dispensary business. It can be reasonably expected that Bay Area cities will make security personnel a business requirement for dispensaries in the near future.

Deter Crime

Uniformed security guards are the best strategy for crime deterrence. In Arizona, drug cartels have been known to intimidate some dispensaries because they feel they are cutting into their illicit profits. However, cartel leaders and operatives know better than to get into situations where they may have to face security personnel. When this is the case, they will likely move on to unguarded locations.

Prevent Theft

Loss prevention is an even bigger issue at dispensaries than at high-end electronics stores. The nature of the cannabis business makes the operation of dispensaries very risky in terms of loss prevention. Even the most secure retail operation can be compromised without proper monitoring. Customers and employees are aware of the high stakes involved with marijuana and the dollar signs attached to this product. Dispensary owners should expect some level of loss. However, a San Jose armed security specialist assigned to monitor the operation of a dispensary can keep losses to a minimum.

Protect Against Federal Intervention

Marijuana legalization will likely remain a matter of state and municipal legislation. The federal government has not shown any sympathy in this regard. Even though a San Francisco federal judge issued a ruling in 2014 to keep the Justice Department from harassing local dispensaries, agents are still known to be conducting surveillance and watching certain establishments. Security guards can monitor this situation and give dispensary owners a warning so they can notify their attorneys. When undercover federal agents are approached by security guards, they tend to diminish their snooping.

If you own a medical marijuana dispensary or another type of business, make sure you keep it protected with highly trained professional security guards. ADS Guards is a leading provider of commercial security in San Jose. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

5 Actions Private Security Guards Cannot Take

Police officers have the responsibility to enforce the law and preserve the public peace, but they cannot be everywhere. Property owners who need to provide ongoing protection for their property and safety for their personnel often hire private security in San Jose. Although security guards aren’t police officers, they wear uniforms, and those who are trained may have a permit to carry firearms. However, there are certain actions private security guards cannot take, five of which are listed below.

1. Carry Unauthorized Weapons

Security guards are prohibited from carrying any deadly weapons, which include batons, brass knuckles, switchblade knives or knives that have blades over 2 inches in length, nunchakus, and guns. Only after they have completed the recognized training and the appropriate permits are issued may a security guard carry an exposed firearm and/or baton.

2. Impersonate a Police Officer

Because of the uniform, badge, and other gear security guards wear, some may mistake them for police officers. San Jose armed private security guards should always make it clear that they are not police. If a security guard pretends or implies that he or she is a police officer, he or she is committing a crime. Security guards found guilty of impersonating police can be fined, go to jail, and have their registration denied or revoked.

3. Interfere with the Actions of a Police Officer

Security guards must not interfere with the actions of police officers who are on the scene of an emergency. If the security guard is employed by the owner of the property where a police officer is conducting official business, the guard should not become involved in the incident unless requested by the officer.

4. Conduct Unlawful Searches

The fourth amendment protects individuals against unreasonable search and seizure. When security guards observe someone stealing, they may detain the person by telling him or her that he or she is under arrest for theft. The suspect should not be given an opportunity to dispose of any items taken and may be detained for the police to search. Security guards are not permitted to search a person to find evidence for making an arrest. If the security guard has reasonable cause to believe he or she is in physical danger by detaining the suspect, the guard may search the person for weapons only.

5. Pursue Suspects

Police officers are required to pursue and apprehend persons responsible for breaking the law. A security guard’s responsibility is to protect people and property for his or her employer. Guards are not to pursue suspects outside of their area of responsibility. The security guard’s role is prevention. If an incident occurs, the role becomes observation and reporting.

Even though private security guards cannot perform the same duties as police officers, they offer many advantages for residential and commercial properties that need protection. To hire highly trained private security guards, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of security services in San Jose, CA. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.