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Special Event Security Guard Services in San Jose, CA

Professional security for special events such as sports, weddings, conventions, seminars and large event parties.


24/7 Security Guard Patrol Services in San Jose, CA

If you are looking for professional and reliable security patrol services, you can trust ADS for all your security needs.


Corporate Security Guard Services in San Jose, California

From working with Silicon Valley executives to Royal Families, ADS has extensive experience in personal body guard services.

Trusted Security Guard Company San Jose

If you own or manage a business, residential community, construction site or special event planning company in San Jose, consider enhancing your security by hiring a private ADS security guard. American Discount Security has been providing premium commercial security services in San Jose and the surrounding areas for nearly two decades. An experienced guard from ADS is able to effectively maintain your reputation and brand image, protect your assets, and instill confidence among clients, tenants and employees.

When you hire a private ADS security guard you can rest assured knowing that our guards are all highly trained in how to properly patrol and monitor such locations as:


Why you Should Hire an Armed or Unarmed ADS Security Guard

At San Jose ADS, we make safeguarding your business our #1 priority. Our rigorous employment process ensures that we hire the most talented and qualified security officers. All armed and unarmed guards at ADS must also participate in training and education courses. Our intensive training platform is unique to ADS and guarantees that our security guards know how to respond to routine and emergency situations, operate radio-transmitting equipment, monitor overall safety of the location, and effectively communicate with individuals on-site during unforeseen or dangerous circumstances. Additional peace of mind comes from knowing that our guards are licensed, insured, bonded and available 24/7.

While it’s undeniable that the presence of a professional security guard is beneficial for San Jose business owners, ADS goes above and beyond by making sure all of our guards are:

  1. Trained in CPR, First Aid, use of Pepper Spray and the Power to Arrest.
  2. Available on a “Trail Basis” with no long term commitment required.
  3. Experts with your company’s floor plan, emergency procedures, rules and regulations, technical capabilities, and insurance policies before beginning their scheduled shift.

Quality Control for Added Client Confidence

At ADS, we know that our hiring process ensures that we employ only the most dedicated, efficient and hard working security guards in the Bay Area; nevertheless, we still monitor our employees by using our unique Detex Clock Services system. The clock requires that our guards check in to devices around your business at times in which you have specified. We then provide you with a printout of the Detex Clock which will show exactly when our guards clocked into the Detex device. If there’s ever any issue, we are one of the few security companies who provide a 24/7 customer service dispatch phone line so that you can always get a hold of management.

Join the thousands of businesses and individuals that rely on the trusted protection and 100% satisfaction guarantee from ADS Guards San Jose. Reach out to us at 1-800-794-1550 for more information and request a free quote today.